Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What a better life I have.

Restless. The night seems cold and quiet. That's what I feel right now. I guess everyone is busy in the kitchen preparing for the big day tomorrow. But here I am, infront of my PC...trying to find words to scribble something in my blog, in which I consider it to be my personal diary. I feel I am at the corner of the if walking across the North Pole, cold and quiet.

Suddenly,my phone rings. Wonder who cares to call me at this state of moment when everyone is so occupied with one's own excitement of life. At the end of the line, I could hear the familiar voice asking about my preparation for tomorrow. For a moment, we share the same feeling of emptiness.

Later, I realised what a better life I have. Inspite of what I feel, I still possess my mobility to do whatever I wish to. I have the freedown to move about without depending on someone. How unfortunate my mum is who has been wheel-bound for so many years. 

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