Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today is an extra busy day. Busy tidying up the house before I leave for my holidays tomorrow. It is one of my habits..... I will sweep, mop, vacuum,dust, wipe, what more......every corner of the house should be tip-topped before going for weekend trips or holidays. Leaving the house as clean as a weasel prolongs the high spirit of holiday when I come back into a clean and comfy nest. Packing usually done a few day earlier, bit by bit according to my checklist. if I am spending for a vacation in Europe. ( I can't afford that )

Another thing which is common to us. A last minute changes of schedule. Instead of going to KL on late Friday evening ( some are still working until 5), we reschedule our plan to early Friday morning. My big brother and daughter managed to take leave. Since my hubby is still working on that day so we am going to sweep the roads of KL on our own. It gives us some times to shop, shop, shop....I'll do some shopping for my friends in JB (really??) while my daughter shops for her medical books and others will do their favourite. An extra day at Kuala Lumpur before pursuing to Terengganu tomorrow. To our surprise, my son in-law managed to be home from his offshore work just in time to join in this fun trip. However, deep inside me, I feel a certain kind of sadness. My little sis is not able to be with us due to her job obligation. Really,really sad indeed.

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