Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Last Final Step

 By the time I checked in, it was almost 2.15 p.m. My room was on the topmost. Got to walk up to the three storey building. I was out of breath by the time I reached the door, 309. My roommate just arrived. Put everything in place and laid down on the  comfortable, soft bed. Grabbed my notes. Read, read and read but not even one  I could retrieve.

At 4.30 p.m went down for tea and marched straight into Dewan Seri for a short briefing. Followed by a talk on the structure of  Education Ministry. Even though we were there listening to him but by the look of everyone, he could read our minds. Our minds were on the exam. The talk was informative and once in a while the speaker cracked jokes that broke the tensed air in the hall. This man really had a great sense of humour and  knew how to control the audience.  I was appointed to be Penghuluwati but reluctantly I have to turned it down. I was unwell and my continuous cough had disturbed their attention to the talk. So embarassing...

Good news  to us, the talk for the night was canceled to give us the chance  to prepare for the exam but what was unhappy about it,  we had to do it in  the hall. How could I concentrate when some of them were talking and giggling to the top of the roof instead of doing some silent reading or group discussion. How considerate they were.

My roommate prefered to continue the revision in our room. Hahahaaa....coz by the time, we reached our room, we couldn't even open our eyes. I was the first one to doze off. In the middle of the night, through my sleepy eyes I could see her seriously focusing on her study that made me  push my sleepy, lazy body to do the same as her. My eyes opened and closed. At one time. the words were clear and then slowly blurred to my vision. I couldn't go on reading so I surrendered to the need of my eyes. However, when I closed my eyes. my mind was like a computer, processing all the data and when it missed one of eyes were wide open.

The terrifying moment came. My hands and feet were cold like ice. When I tried to recall what I had
 read, nothing  came to my mind. So there I was in the hall. My heart was pounding hard. My nerves were tensed. My breath was shallow. I kept on reciting doa and selawat. May God help me  to go through  this smoothly.

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