Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Sagittarius Birthday Celebration.

It was raining heavily when we reached Malay Village Restaurant. But the downpour didn’t dampen the spirit of the celebration.  One of the staffs  welcomed us with a big umbrella in his hand. Although we were the last to arrive but the celebration hadn’t started yet as three of the VIPs  were in our group.  From the entrance we could see everyone was waving at us, giving the direction to the venue of the event.

It was really a nice place indeed,  to dine or  celebrate as it offered the intimacy and  privacy one needed. Some were having their dinner at the open space in the garden under the soft  light. The live traditional music echoed at the background. The soothing music was like adding another appertising spice to the dish that triggered the people’s taste bud.

The room that my younger sis booked earlier was quite cozy. We had  our privacy without distracting attention or  disturbing other’s privacy.  The celebration was a simple one but what I could see and feel was the bond of relationship electrified the air in the room.  Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves especially the birthday boys and girls.

It was a usual, typical birthday celebration that normally followed  by a feast and offering slices of the birthday cake. The food was mouth-watering  especially  ikan siakap tiga rasa.

To  end  the celebration, we had a photograph session to mark the precious moments. It will be remembered as we walked down the memory lane.

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