Monday, January 10, 2011


Alone and lonely.  It gives  you a chill to think of it.  It’s a sense of isolation. Rejection to be exact, if it can be accepted. Going through life all by yourself is a devastating experience and it would be worst if the thought of desertion creeps into your mind. Especially when you are not given much choice about being  alone and lonely.  Like it or not, it’s already part of you. The hardest part of it,  is to get rid of it and the more you try, the greater it wants to stay.

No matter how bright the day is, in your eyes, the world seems quiet, cold and gloomy. Cold wind keeps blowing, brushing away the warm feeling you feel inside. No matter how much laughter you  enjoyed, but your inner self  crying silently, weeping over something that sometimes you hardly know. No matter how much you try to move on but  the devastating feeling of being alone and lonely is always there forever.

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