Friday, October 14, 2011


We are more often being told that forgiving is a virtue. It is very noble indeed to forgo the resentment, hurt and pains caused by the wrongdoers to us. Yet it is easier said than done.

Forgiving someone isn’t as easy as simply to accept his apology amicably.  Or at least, give us the chance to vent out.

Or at other times, we rather hold the grudges and may never revealed if it is better to be in that way.However, holding the grudges for a long time isn’t a healthy things to do when the emotion is welling inside, just waiting for the right moment to burst out and eventually the outcome will be disastrous.

Learn to accept that people do not act the way we want them to be. They may unintentionally hurt us or they couldn’t help things that happen out of their control. The nicest things to do is to let it go for sake of our peace of mind.

Nevertheless, one thing for sure, everything can be forgiven, but not forgotten.

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