Monday, October 10, 2011


.....the most depressing thing you'll ever know. The feeling you had was beyond description. Rejection, hurt, anger, humiliation, alone, unloved, pain, shame and everything mingled, making the wound unbearably bleeding. 

....the earth under your feet seemed to be shaking, while your vision seemed to be blurred. The denial came like a tidal wave that rock your sensibility. The wave brought a tightening shock to your chest, stabbing pain and shallow breathing. The impact was so great that you'd lost your balance.

Heartbroken.....nothing but a total lost of hope. Suddenly you felt this anger.....angry with everyone around you. As if they could not comprehend the amount of pain and anguish that well up inside you. The world seemed shattered. No birds singing in the sky. The water seemed to stop flowing. Panorama of colour vanished. Everything was quiet, grey and cruel.

But as for one, who had been through this....I may say it is not the end of the world. No matter how heartbroken you are, how much pain you're in now, try to remember that, amazing as it may be, This too shall pass eventually. Time is the essence that heals the pain and sorrow. Though can be hard to believe that when  we're in the midst of feeling so hurt.

Please my son goes thru this pain amicably. Mend his bruise and wound. Help him pick up the broken pieces. Let him be a wiser man and let this pain  be part of growing up. Ameen.

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